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Building innovative solutions is what you do every day. Using TFT Transfotec’s technology for your project, TFT OEM Solutions will work with your team to customize the system most appropriate for powering what you need.

By managing the design, manufacturing, distribution  of the product, we give you more time to focus on your customers and bring the optimal solution to market ! As an OEM, you are challenged to differentiate yourself amidst global competition and rapidly evolving technology. Within today’s dynamic marketplace, your customers demand innovative solutions that increase business agility, optimize productivity, and achieve sustainability objectives, all while lowering their total cost of ownership.

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Make your OEM projects unbelievably unique

Designed to be integrated by OEMs in LED luminaires, the clipNslide™ power module is part of the TFT Transfotec™’s Contactless LED System.

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Get your new designs to market faster by embedding any product from our family products. Rest assured that we can scale our support as you expand your business with new designs and into different geographies.

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To compete in this industry, you need to define value beyond the cost of your machines and maximize company performance. With a focus on smart, safe, sustainable manufacturing, we deliver results.